RYA First Aid

Due to current Social Distancing regulations, we are unfortunately not able to offer any Taser Sessions or Tuition Courses this season.  We hope to be back next year.

The H.S.E recognised RYA First Aid Course runs over one day and offers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical sessions that are designed to develop ability and practical confidence.

This course is equivalent to the Health and Safety Executive Appointed Person at Work Certificate.

The syllabus includes the following:

• Demonstrate how to turn a casualty into the recovery position
• Detail the treatment for shock
• Apply direct pressure to a wound and control bleeding
• Demonstrate how to bandage a wound
• Outline treatment for seasickness
• Outline the prevention, recognition and treatment of hypothermia
• Outline the necessary precautions when treating a cold water immersion casualty
• Outline the prevention, recognition and treatment of concussion
• Outline the prevention, recognition and treatment of compression
• Outline the treatment for asthma attacks, burns, diabetic emergencies, epilepsy and heart attacks
• List the precautions needed when handling a spinal injury
• Demonstrate how to immobilise a fracture
• List actions needed to prepare for helicopter evacuation

Course Dates 2020


Course Price – 1 Day Adult £110
(minimum 4 people attending)