Swallows & Amazons

We don’t know who has the most fun on our popular Swallows & Amazons Adventures, the young adventurers or our Instructors!

Probably a bit of both, as on this epic full days adventure you will be sailing (aboard our Traditional ‘Swallow’ type boats), learning semaphore, hunting down treasure and to end the day an epic battle against Captain Flint, complete with a cannon and walking the plank!

“…Our two boys (aged 8 and 9) took part in the Swallows and Amazons adventure at the weekend and had a wonderful time. It was a glorious sight to see them all setting off across the lake in beautiful old-fashioned sailing boats, and we felt confident that they were in good hands. They met us at the end of the day with happy faces and all sorts of stories of the fun they had had, from looking for treasure to attacking Captain Flint with sponges, watching him walk the plank and finally jumping into the water themselves. They were hoping to return the following weekend to do the same thing all over again, but reluctantly agreed in the end that they would wait to do it again next year…” – Cox Family

Dates for 2021

Sunday 8th August

Sunday 15th August