Sunday Sailing – OnBoard


Due to the great success of our previous weekly Sailing Clubs, Glenridding Sailing Centre in collaboration with the Royal Yachting Association, are on a drive to get Youngsters on to the water for another exciting year.

Sunday’s Sailing Club is all about getting local youngsters on to the water in what is perceived to be an expensive elitist sport with high cost outlay. We run our club following the Royal Yachting Associations Youth Scheme which is an international scheme all about getting youngsters on the water having fun in a healthy environment, with a safe attitude to sailing in four certified stages.

At the end of the 10 weeks participants will have gained their Stage One and Two Certificates and will have a range of sailing skills and background knowledge, and be well on the way to being a confident small boat sailor.

Once participants have achieved their Stage 2, we will be able to offer them membership to our Ready About Club which gives a 25% discount on the hire of sailing boats during our sailing season (including weekends and the holidays). There will also be the option of joining in on discounted tuition after the summer holidays.

Sunday Sailing will start on Sunday 18th March and will run every Sunday until half term. This will cost £35 to join and £20 per 3 hour session there after. This will include wetsuits, all safety equipment, logbooks and certificates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or would like to take this any further.

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